Saturday, November 7, 2009

Turn Yourself Into a Cartoon

I opened up a new Blip.TV channel called This channel will be dedicated to showing time-lapse recordings of my own work in graphic design, tutorials, speed paintings and the channel will progress to also featuring other artists, events and news too. It is very new at the moment. So this first video I uploaded will set the tone for most of the videos during the first few weeks since it is easier to get the content up and online for you.

About this video: Vectorizing yourself into a cartoon can be done using Illustrator, but once you know the basics you can do it using any program that has a "pen tool".

I put this video together to show you how I turned myself into a cartoon. I did this because I noticed that some services/websites out there, like offer to turn your pictures into a cartoon for a fee / price. So to show you just how easy (or difficult) it can be I recorded myself turning myself (and partner) into a cartoon. This process took around 15 minutes and shows my creative process from start to finish.


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