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Monday, October 19, 2009

45 Digital Artworks by Rado Javor - Posted by

Here is a great post by It shows off more that 45 examples of Digital art by Rado Javor, a digital painter from the UK. His style has a history, classical element.

"I was research about greatest art designers, today I like to present the work of Slovakian Rado Javor (now living in Bratislava, United Kingdom), We find out that this digital painter from UK has an appetite for classic, for moments and scenes from the past and what’s unexpected is that he succeeds in commemorate those outstanding sceneries with help of Photoshop, all of listed images are most viewed and appreciate able.
Although some of the images found in this digital art gallery have a dark shaded most people with lightening effects will like them. You’ll see images of conflict, evolving machinery and technology, war, religious, historic, Halloween inspiration, social scenes from different ages and an infusion of quality detail."