Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Design Core by Relando Ronato

Design Core, originally uploaded by relando ronato.

I was on Flickr doing the usual rounds of looking through amazing graphic designers, accomplished photographers and talented Illustrators and I found Relando Ronato and his work. His work differed from the rest in my eyes because his whole body of work has black and white as the dominant colour theme. This first poster I saw was the "All good things" poster which caught my attention with those massive heavy type font and the strong contrast of black and white that seems to become worn out towards the bottom. It looks big, gritty, dirty and strong.

Design Core seems to be his brand and judging by his Flickr photostream he has a small but strong portfolio. I hope to see more work coming from this design, and soon!

All Good Things


magnificent desolation

concept skull



Unique Business Stationary
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