Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today's Inspiration - Manya Kuzemchenko

This multimedia designer is freelance designer in NYC. She caught my attention a few months back but I am now going to show her off to you guys, since she has such a colourful and creative style. She is a graphic designer with awesome skills y'all and uses adobe cs4 suite, 3d max/cinema4d and codes html/css, actionscript, javascript and php. She would be the female equivalent of me, if I were a skilled, talented, multimedia designer, with mad skills in coding. Well I'm half way there.

So please enjoy today's inspiration that is Manya Kuzemchenko and her website

gills by Manya Kuzemchenko

star so brightby Manya Kuzemchenko

mirror, mirrorby Manya Kuzemchenko

tweet wallpaperby Manya Kuzemchenko

bowienetby Manya Kuzemchenko

good ideaby Manya Kuzemchenko

cheech and chong tour websiteby Manya Kuzemchenko
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