Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stolen art on DeviantArt

It may be old news to Redbubble and DeviantArt communities but I was surprised and intrigued how a DeviantArt member, Mikale AKA tropicalpassion, stole/downloaded pictures from artists on Redbubble and posted them up on his DeviantArt profile to get more faves and page views. Of course there was a huge backlash and he was publicly crucified and permanently banned. I wonder what was to gain, what did he think to achieve from his actions. He definitely made enemies and lost all the artworks.

Here are some passionate and colourful comments left on his profile before the banning.

"You are the most disgusting piece of rotting humanity!"

"Oi F***wit - don't steal other people's images and post them as your own.. you knob"

"Most of your images are stolen from Redbubble Artists"

"Epic fail for you"

and my personal favorite..

Well I'm not impressed at what he did, but I can certainly see a reason for him doing what he did (other than having no talent of his own to feel then need to steal), he did it for fame. His daily page views peaked at 7808 views the day he got banned.

His short career ended with a bang and I am sure he will strike again with a different alias. So stay aware and critical about some of the art you see on the internet. Here is a post I found about Stole art and how to find it. And I know what you're thinking, "what if this freshalex's artworks are rip offs too", to that, I can safely say you will never catch me..........
I am joking of course!! I make my own artworks don't worry. My art is my own work. You can buy prints on my Redbubble shop

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